Will glowforge go public?


District-wide Implementation & Glowforge | Meet Dave

As the Technology Director for a school district in Michigan, Dave saw the potential that Glowforge had to transform teaching in his ...

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The Maker Revolution

The Maker Revolution

John Wiley & Sons. 2017

Become a force for change through community, access, knowledge, and innovation The Maker Revolution is a guidebook to the new industrial revolution. Artisans, crafters, DIYers, and inventors around the globe are changing the way we change the world—are you ready to join the movement? This book shows you how to find your place in the revolution. You'll learn how the movement came about, and how Makers are already shifting paradigms and pushing the boundaries of innovation. You'll discover the people, organizations, and technologies that are catalyzing a re-thinking of industry, business, economic development and education, and you'll explore the ways in which specific types of participation could propel the movement toward greater access and inclusivity. You may even discover your own inner Maker, and decide to join the revolution. The world's greatest problems will only be solved by the creativity, ingenuity, and innovation of its inhabitants. The Maker Movement and the revolution it heralds holds that truth at its core, and strives to give everyone access to the knowledge, tools, experience, and community they need to change the world. This book takes you inside the movement, and helps you find your place. Understand the drivers, depths, and goals of the Maker Movement Explore the major trends and technologies that enable makers Learn how institutions can engage and participate in the Maker Revolution Find your inner revolutionary and become a part of the changing world The new revolution will not be televised—it will be something you hold in your hand, something you use every day, and the spirit of the community that created it. The Maker Revolution brings you into the fold to show you the power of breaking away from the status quo and will show you how you too can help change the world.

Venture Deals

Venture Deals

John Wiley & Sons. 2011

An engaging guide to excelling in today's venture capital arena Beginning in 2005, Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson, managing directors at Foundry Group, wrote a long series of blog posts describing all the parts of a typical venture capital Term Sheet: a document which outlines key financial and other terms of a proposed investment. Since this time, they've seen the series used as the basis for a number of college courses, and have been thanked by thousands of people who have used the information to gain a better understanding of the venture capital field. Drawn from the past work Feld and Mendelson have written about in their blog and augmented with newer material, Venture Capital Financings puts this discipline in perspective and lays out the strategies that allow entrepreneurs to excel in their start-up companies. Page by page, this book discusses all facets of the venture capital fundraising process. Along the way, Feld and Mendelson touch on everything from how valuations are set to what externalities venture capitalists face that factor into entrepreneurs' businesses. Includes a breakdown analysis of the mechanics of a Term Sheet and the tactics needed to negotiate Details the different stages of the venture capital process, from starting a venture and seeing it through to the later stages Explores the entire venture capital ecosystem including those who invest in venture capitalist Contain standard documents that are used in these transactions Written by two highly regarded experts in the world of venture capital The venture capital arena is a complex and competitive place, but with this book as your guide, you'll discover what it takes to make your way through it.

Personal Fabrication

Personal Fabrication

While fabrication technologies have been in use in industry for several decades, expiring patents have recently allowed the technology to spill over to technology-enthusiastic "makers." Personal Fabrication looks at the massive, disruptive changes that are likely to be seen in interactive computing, as well as to computing as a whole. It discusses six main challenges that need to be addressed for this change to take place, and explains researchers in HCI will play a key role in tackling these challenges.

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