Why is glowforge so expensive?


We review the 10 Things we wish we knew before we got a Glowforge.

In this video, we talk about one of our favorite tools, the Glowforge/Laser cutters. We love the machine. However, there are still ...

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Product Realization

Product Realization

John Wiley & Sons. 2021

Most of the literature on product realization is scattered in blogs, individual chapters of books, and internal company documents. Until now, there has been no single text that covers the whole launch process from end-to-end. The challenge of product realization is the interactions between the various activities and deliverables. Product Realization is based on first-hand experience with many companies comprising different sizes, technologies, and product development timelines. This book brings together fundamental theories and product development tools with the reality of what it takes to work in industry. Includes examples and stories from industry to illustrate and bring the material alive.

A Marquetry Odyssey

A Marquetry Odyssey

Hudson Hills. 2022

This rich history of marquetry is presented in cintext by one of its most ardent and taslented proponents - Silas Kopf. A distinguished cabinetmaker for more than thirty years, Kopf identifies the origins and influences of numerous decorative arts and architectural elements taht have and continue to have an impact on his own work. AUTHOR: Forword by Glenn Adamson, Head of Graduate Studies abd Deputy Head of Research, Victoria ALbert Museum, London. 320 colour illustrations

Not To Put Too Fine a Point on It

Not To Put Too Fine a Point on It

Aperiodical LLC.

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