What strength laser do i need for cnc?


CNC vs Laser. Which Should You Get First?

Comparing the pros and cons of CNC routers and laser cutters Brought to you by Squarespace. For 10% off your first purchase, ...

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Illustrated Theatre Production Guide

Illustrated Theatre Production Guide

Routledge. 2020

Now in its fourth edition, Illustrated Theatre Production Guide delivers a step-by-step approach to the most prevalent and established theatre production practices, focusing on essential issues related to the construction of wooden, fabric, plastic, and metal scenery used on the stage. Offering techniques and best-practice methods from experienced industry experts, this book allows readers to create a foundation on which to build a successful and resourceful career behind the scenes in theatre production. The new edition has been fully updated to include the latest technology and current practices, with four new chapters on Safety, Automation, Digital Fabrication, and the Production Process, and an emphasis on inclusivity and gender-neutral language. A must-have resource for both the community theatre worker who must be a jack of all trades and the student who needs to learn the fundamentals on his or her own, Illustrated Theatre Production Guide covers all the necessities of theatre production through detailed lessons and hundreds of drawings. The book also includes access to a companion website featuring instruction videos, tips for an eco-friendly production, and additional images and resources.

Architectural Models

Architectural Models

J. Ross Publishing. 2007

Architects' models serve as bridge between an idea and its realization. Models are one of the three means by which an architect invents and develops his design: sketch–model–computer model. No other representational form is as effective in enabling the viewer to perceive the spaces, shapes, surfaces and textures created by the architect's design — it is therefore a prerequisite in the design process. Architectural Models provides clear and comprehensible instruction explaining how design ideas can be skillfully translated into models. Some 200 black and white illustrations and, new to this edition, more than 40 extraordinary, full color photographs, provide a comprehensive visual explication of the text. In this completely revised edition, the authors convey practical basics and offer a wealth of innovative and valuable suggestions for students of architecture or graphic arts, as well as for experienced architectural model makers.

Digital Processes

Digital Processes

Walter de Gruyter. 2012

these days a computer is as much a part of every household's standard equipment as a refrigerator, and yet the explosion of computer technology in the last several decades has transformed the daily life of every member of society far more than even utopians would ever have allowed themselves to dream. No wonder, then, that from design to production, architecture too is becoming more and more subject to digital influences. The range of those influences stretches from the classical computer programs used in design and presentation to media-supported design processes all the way to computerized production techniques, to say nothing of industrialized bricklayer "robots." From measurement to planning andproduction, architecture is the product of a closely coordinated digital process chain. What influence do digital design digital design and production methods have on contemporary architecture? How are these methods changing architecture and the way it ist created? Where does the potential of digital media for architecture lie? What are the areas in which every individual firm can begin to use them? What are the advantages of working electronically? How and at what cost can these methods be integrated into the day-to-day work of the professional architect? This publication offers answers to these and many other questions on all aspects of the digital design and construction process.

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