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Vacuum CNC: vacuum pods for CNC machines

Vacuum clamping blocks for every cnc machine. By separating the vacuum pod in two parts (base and cup), we've created the ...

VACUUM CLAMPS PODS with Vacuum Generator , Venturi for CNC & WOODWORKING

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ClampuSystemsSingle Sided Vacuum Pod Set Made in the USA! Our vacuum clamps are made from clear cast acrylic (not "PE" polyethylene which will always warp. Be careful of knock-offs). Both sides of these pods are surfaced for flatness and each pod has its own vacuum seal. Each puck is connected together to cover a large area. You can make your own vacuum table or edge guide by mounting the pods down where you like on your bench or a board. When these are set up correctly you can place a wood or metal panel over the pucks, turn on your vacuum generator and you will not be able to pull the panel free. Each disk is 2-1/2” in diameter and accepts the ¼” supplied tubing. Also included is a vacuum generator and a press to connect/ airline fitting to easily connect to your compressor for...

Vacuum Table Pods with 5in. x 5in. work area, CNC, Clamping, USA Made

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ClampuSystemsSingle Sided Aluminum Vacuum Pod Clamp Made in the USA! Our vacuum table pod clamps are made from solid cast aluminum. All sides of pods are surfaced for flatness. Table Pods can be used as a vacuum table by itself to machine tiny parts & up to 5"x5" materials or purchase additional Table Pods and chain them together to hold larger materials. Mounting made easy with a 3/8" x 1/4" perimeter mounting lip or use the two slots on each side. You receive the following in your order:(1) Table-Pod with 5in. by 5in. vacuum areaTable-Pod overall size is 5.75in. by 5.75in. by 7/8" tall(1) Terminating rubber hose/capTee Press FittingTwo Gasket cords 6ft. of 1/4" OD Tubing FREE SHIPPING!! Here is what a few of our past Ebay clients have said about our product in their feedback:--Great...

Suburban VC 612 S2 Vacuum Chuck for CNC machining with or without sine plate

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as of March 17, 2024 2:58 pm

AMSL ID# 700-203 This listing is for a Suburban VC-612-S2 Vacuum Chuck. Serial no. 0304. Compatible with many vacuum workholding applications in metalworking. Also allows quick and accurate installation on certain Suburban sine plates (sine plate not included) We measured the surface of this unit at 12" x 5.944" x 2.300". Made in USA. Weight, before our careful packaging: 21 pounds. CONDITION: Excellent. GUARANTEE: This item is guaranteed for 30 days following delivery to your shipping address. To return a purchase for a refund, you must notify us by ebay message within 30 days following delivery. We will refund the ITEM PRICE, upon return of the item to us in undamaged condition.SHIPPING: U.S. Sale & Shipment only. AMSL will select the carrier, and AMSL also reserves an option to...

CNC Router | Dust Boot | Dust Shoe | 80mm ER20 Spindle | Custom Vacuum Size

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Dust Shoe fits 80mm ER20 Spindle and used for CNC machines. Built-in air deflector moves motor cooling exhaust away from the work surface. Dust skirt is held on with magnets and is easily removed for bit changes. Includes top plate and poly brush dust skirt. Brush is made from 2" long super flexible .006" diameter polypropylene filament. Vacuum attachment shown is 2 1/4" ID and 2 1/2" OD (Default size). ***Specify custom vacuum attachment ID or OD size or configuration in note.***Specify baseplate color (Black, Grey, Red, Blue) in note. Router not included.


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ClampuSystems Single Sided Vacuum Clamps - Complete SetVPZ-55's - 5" x 5" Vacuum PodsMaximum Precision with High Strength PVC Made in the USA! Our vacuum clamps are machined from Solid PVC (not "PE" polyethylene which will always warp. Be careful of knock-offs). Both sides of these pods are surfaced for flatness! Each pod creates its own vacuum seal with 1/4" gasket cord and has two mounting locations for 1/4-20 bolts. The pods are 0.95 inches thick and measure 5 inches square. One kit includes all shown fittings. Three of the four pods come with press to connect T-type fittings while the fourth, the "terminator pod", comes with a single press to connect fitting. This will be the last pod in your chain and seal vacuum inside the circuit. To use vacuum fittings, push the cut hose into...

Books on the subject of Vacuum Cnc

DIgital Fabrications

DIgital Fabrications

Princeton Architectural Press. 2013

Digital Fabrications, the second volume in our new Architecture Briefs series, celebrates the design ingenuity made possible by digital fabrication techniques. Author Lisa Iwamoto explores the methods architects use to calibrate digital designs with physical forms. The book is organized according to five types of digital fabrication techniques: tessellating, sectioning, folding, contouring, and forming. Projects are shown both in their finished forms and in working drawings, templates, and prototypes, allowing the reader to watch the process of each fantastic construction unfold. Digital Fabrications presents projects designed and built by emerging practices that pioneer techniques and experiment with fabrication processes on a small scale with a do-it-yourself attitude. Featured architects include AEDS/Ammar Eloueini, Atelier Manferdini, Brennan Buck, MOS, Office dA, Florencia Pita/MOD, Mafoomby, URBAN A+O, SYSTEMarchitects, Andrew Kudless/Matsys, IwamotoScott, Atelier Hitoshi Abe, Chris Bosse, Tom Wiscombe/EMERGENT, Thom Faulders Architecture, Jeremy Ficca, SPAN, GNUFORM, Heather Roberge, PATTERNS, Ruy Klein, and servo.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing & Computer Aided Manufacturing

Computer Integrated Manufacturing & Computer Aided Manufacturing

Walnut Publication. 2021

The book is intended for the diploma, undergraduate (B.E, B.Tech), Postgraduate (M.Tech), and Ph.D. students/Research scholars of Mechanical, Automobile, Manufacturing, Production, and Industrial Engineering disciplines. Researchers and practicing engineers will also find this book quite useful. We have tried to make the book as student-friendly as possible. The book can be used in industries, technical training institutes. This book covers the main area of interest in computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) and Computer-aided Manufacturing (CAM) namely Automation, Computer numerical machine (CNC), Industrial Robotics, Flexible manufacturing system (FMS), Group Technology (GT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) manufacturing & Expert systems, Mechatronics, Lean Manufacturing, Just-In-Time (JIT) Manufacturing, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) through good sketches and most simple explanations.

Advanced Functional Materials from Nanopolysaccharides

Advanced Functional Materials from Nanopolysaccharides

Springer Nature. 2019

This book describes the latest research on nanopolysaccharides in the development of functional materials, from their preparation, properties and functional modifications to the architecture of diverse functional materials. Polysaccharide-based nanoparticles, including nanocellulose, nanochitin, and nanostarch have attracted interest in the field of nanoscience, nanotechnology, and materials science that encompasses various industrial sectors, such as biomedicine, catalyst, coating, energy, optical materials, environmental materials, construction materials, and antibacterial materials. This book establishes a fundamental framework, highlighting the architecture strategies of typical functional systems based on nanopolysaccharides and integrated analysis of their significant influence and properties to various functional behaviors of materials, to help readers to fully understand the fundamental features of nanopolysaccharides and functional materials. Addressing the potential for practical applications, the book also covers the related industrial interests and reports on highly valued products from nanopolysaccharides, providing ideas for future studies in the area. Intended both for academics and professionals who are interested in nanopolysaccharides, it is also a valuable resource for postgraduate students, researchers, and engineers involved in R&D of natural polymers, nanotechnology, and functional materials.

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