How to use a cnc laser cutter?


Getting Started Guide for Laser Cutting

Welcome to the exciting world of laser cutting! For all those makers out there looking to start creating with a laser cutter, this tutorial ...

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Architectural Models

Architectural Models

J. Ross Publishing. 2007

Architects' models serve as bridge between an idea and its realization. Models are one of the three means by which an architect invents and develops his design: sketch–model–computer model. No other representational form is as effective in enabling the viewer to perceive the spaces, shapes, surfaces and textures created by the architect's design — it is therefore a prerequisite in the design process. Architectural Models provides clear and comprehensible instruction explaining how design ideas can be skillfully translated into models. Some 200 black and white illustrations and, new to this edition, more than 40 extraordinary, full color photographs, provide a comprehensive visual explication of the text. In this completely revised edition, the authors convey practical basics and offer a wealth of innovative and valuable suggestions for students of architecture or graphic arts, as well as for experienced architectural model makers.

Creating with Laser Cutters and Engravers

Creating with Laser Cutters and Engravers

The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc. 2016

This book explores the general world of the Fab Lab (fabricating laboratory) with an in-depth focus on two specific types of machinery: laser cutters and engravers used to create through the removal of material from its source. It includes tips and tricks for operating laser cutters and engravers, providing a variety of projects for every experience level, all the while connecting these skills to real-world business models and careers.

Design for Manufacturability

Design for Manufacturability

CRC Press. 2014

Design for Manufacturability: How to Use Concurrent Engineering to Rapidly Develop Low-Cost, High-Quality Products for Lean Production shows how to use concurrent engineering teams to design products for all aspects of manufacturing with the lowest cost, the highest quality, and the quickest time to stable production. Extending the concepts of design for manufacturability to an advanced product development model, the book explains how to simultaneously make major improvements in all these product development goals, while enabling effective implementation of Lean Production and quality programs. Illustrating how to make the most of lessons learned from previous projects, the book proposes numerous improvements to current product development practices, education, and management. It outlines effective procedures to standardize parts and materials, save time and money with off-the-shelf parts, and implement a standardization program. It also spells out how to work with the purchasing department early on to select parts and materials that maximize quality and availability while minimizing part lead-times and ensuring desired functionality. Describes how to design families of products for Lean Production, build-to-order, and mass customization Emphasizes the importance of quantifying all product and overhead costs and then provides easy ways to quantify total cost Details dozens of design guidelines for product design, including assembly, fastening, test, repair, and maintenance Presents numerous design guidelines for designing parts for manufacturability Shows how to design in quality and reliability with many quality guidelines and sections on mistake-proofing (poka-yoke) Describing how to design parts for optimal manufacturability and compatibility with factory processes, the book provides a big picture perspective that emphasizes designing for the lowest total cost and time to stable production. After reading this book you will understand how to reduce total costs, ramp up quickly to volume production without delays or extra cost, and be able to scale up production rapidly so as not to limit growth.

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