How much does a laser cutter machine cost?


The Best Laser Cutter for any Budget?

Let's break down the best laser cutter sand engravers for any budget in 2021! Dial in your laser with my Lightburn Test File: ...

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Worker Leadership

Worker Leadership

MIT Press. 2013

How to increase both job satisfaction and enterprise productivity—and make American manufacturing competitive again. How can American manufacturing recapture its former dominance in the globalized industrial economy? In Worker Leadership, Fred Stahl proposes a strategy to boost enterprise productivity and restore America's industrial power. Stahl outlines a revolutionary transformation of industrial culture that offers workers real control of production operations and manufacturing processes (as well as a monetary share of the savings from productivity gains). Stahl develops this new Theory of Worker Productivity into a strategy of Worker Leadership, with concrete, real-world examples. Combining some of the methods of lean manufacturing made famous by Toyota with genuine worker empowerment unlike anything at Toyota, Worker Leadership creates highly productive jobs loaded with responsibility and authority. Workers, Stahl writes, love these jobs precisely because of the opportunities to be creative and productive. Worker Leadership also offers important benefits for organized labor. It promotes the vitality and growth of labor unions through a shared responsibility with management for growth and profitability. Stahl's approach was inspired by changes implemented at John Deere factories by a general manager named Dick Kleine. Stahl uses the story of Kleine's transformation of the Deere factories to construct a checklist of essential conditions for Worker Leadership. He also discusses competition with China and South Korea and tells the story of production that GE recently “reshored” from China to the United States. Stahl considers the potential for applying Worker Leadership beyond manufacturing, provides a brief history of manufacturing, and even reveals the dark side of Toyota's system that opens another competitive opportunity for America. Worker Leadership offers a blueprint for global competitive advantage that should be read by anyone concerned about America's current productivity paralysis.

Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming

Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming

Apress. 2019

Learn to configure a Raspberry Pi into multiple different devices capable of playing retro games. Beyond theory, this book focuses heavily on projects—such as making a console to attach to a TV or computer display and making a tabletop arcade machine. It also teaches you how to install and use the Kodi media center on your retro game player. tart with the big-picture of the Raspberry Pi retro-gaming landscape and the wide range of exciting project opportunities that exist. You'll then discover the various retro-gaming emulation platforms, such as RetroPie and Recalbox, and how to work with ROM files. This book even goes a step further and teaches you how to create game ROMs from your old cartridges! You’ll also study the types of game playing equipment people have made using Raspberry Pis and how to set up a Raspberry Pi with those devices. Retro-gaming enthusiasts are using the Pi to make a dizzying variety of game playing hardware. There are players that fit in an Altoids mint tin, players that look like classic systems, and players that let you choose from over 20,000 game titles. And there are emulators for every platform imaginable, and many models available online to download and make on a 3D printer or laser cutter. Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming includes everything you need to know about playing retro games on a Raspberry Pi and making cool machines that play thousands of retrogames. What You'll Learn Use Tinkercad to design your own cases Get your case 3D printed if you don’t have a 3D printer Design parts for laser cutting or jigsaw cutting Solder and use electronics components, batteries, and power supplies Select and set up different kinds of displays Who This Book Is For Anyone interested in playing retrocomputer games and making their own retro-game players.

Project Management

Project Management

John Wiley & Sons. 2011

As the use of project management to accomplish organisational goals continues to grow, skills related to understanding human behavior, evaluating organisational issues, and using quantitative methods are all necessary for successful project management. Meredith and Mantel have drawn from experiences in the workplace to develop a text that teaches the student how to build skills necessary for selecting, initiating, operating, and controlling all types of projects.

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