Glowforge spare parts


Glowforge Spare Parts Shipment

Quick overview of how to expect to receive spare parts you order from Glowforge and my thoughts on it. If you don't own a ...


Item condition: New
Ended: Oct 27, 13:13 PST
as of April 3, 2024 10:20 am

This is a brand-new cable from Glowforge. I know you want your item fast. My inventory is boxed and ready to ship out. If you select post office overnight, you must purchase prior to 12:00 pm. UPS or FedEx needs to be paid for by 3:00 in order for me to get it to them before they close. Regular shipping will be same day as soon as payment is made. Providing your payment is made prior to 4:00 PM eastern time Monday through Friday. Payment made late Friday will ship out between 9:00 Am and 10:30 Am Saturday morning. Below are instructions on how to install your cable. New OEM - GLOWFORGE BLACK LID CABLE. Condition is "New" from factory. No warranty provided as-is from Glowforge. How to replace: If...

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Not To Put Too Fine a Point on It

Not To Put Too Fine a Point on It

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Man's Place in the Universe: A Study of the Results of Scientific Research in Relation to the Unity or Plurality of Worlds

Man's Place in the Universe: A Study of the Results of Scientific Research in Relation to the Unity or Plurality of Worlds

Library of Alexandria. 2020

When men attained to sufficient intelligence for speculations as to their own nature and that of the earth on which they lived, they must have been profoundly impressed by the nightly pageant of the starry heavens. The intense sparkling brilliancy of Sirius and Vega, the more massive and steady luminosity of Jupiter and Venus, the strange grouping of the brighter stars into constellations to which fantastic names indicating their resemblance to various animals or terrestrial objects seemed appropriate and were soon generally adopted, together with the apparently innumerable stars of less and less brilliancy scattered broadcast over the sky, many only being visible on the clearest nights and to the acutest vision, constituted altogether a scene of marvellous and impressive splendour of which it must have seemed almost impossible to attain any real knowledge, but which afforded an endless field for the imagination of the observer. The relation of the stars to the sun and moon in their respective motions was one of the earliest problems for the astronomer, and it was only solved by careful and continuous observation, which showed that the invisibility of the former during the day was wholly due to the blaze of light, and this is said to have been proved at an early period by the observed fact that from the bottom of very deep wells stars can be seen while the sun is shining. During total eclipses of the sun also the brighter stars become visible, and, taken in connection with the fixity of position of the pole-star, and the course of those circumpolar stars which never set in the latitudes of Greece, Egypt, and Chaldea, it soon became possible to frame a simple hypothesis which supposed the earth to be suspended in space, while at an unknown distance from it a crystal sphere revolved upon an axis indicated by the pole-star, and carried with it the whole host of heavenly bodies. This was the theory of Anaximander (540 B.C.), and it served as the starting-point for the more complex theory which continued to be held in various forms and with endless modifications down to the end of the sixteenth century. It is believed that the early Greeks obtained some knowledge of astronomy from the Chaldeans, who appear to have been the first systematic observers of the heavenly bodies by means of instruments, and who are said to have discovered the cycle of eighteen years and ten days after which the sun and moon return to the same relative positions as seen from the earth. The Egyptians perhaps derived their knowledge from the same source, but there is no proof that they were great observers, and the accurate orientation, proportions, and angles of the Great Pyramid and its inner passages may perhaps indicate a Chaldean architect.

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