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Measuring Metabolic Rates

Measuring Metabolic Rates

Oxford University Press, USA. 2018

This is the only authoritative textbook on metabolic measurement of animals, ranging in mass from fruit flies to whales. It integrates a rigorous theoretical background with detailed practical guidelines for making actual measurements in the field and laboratory.

Product Realization

Product Realization

John Wiley & Sons. 2021

Most of the literature on product realization is scattered in blogs, individual chapters of books, and internal company documents. Until now, there has been no single text that covers the whole launch process from end-to-end. The challenge of product realization is the interactions between the various activities and deliverables. Product Realization is based on first-hand experience with many companies comprising different sizes, technologies, and product development timelines. This book brings together fundamental theories and product development tools with the reality of what it takes to work in industry. Includes examples and stories from industry to illustrate and bring the material alive.

Glowforge Silly Birds

Glowforge Silly Birds

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform. 2015

GLOWFORGE is the newest offering on the laser engraver/cutting scene and has recently introduced a market-friendly and market-friendly-pricing to match their offering. Under $2,500.00 for the basic laser engraver/cutter is what you'll pay for this amazing desktop machine! Until the introduction of the Glowforge you'd have to pay over ten thousand dollars to get a laser machine that wouldn't do even half of what the new Glowforge will do for you. Because the Glowforge is so new the company has yet to offer an extended source of graphics which you can use without having to resize, redraw or figure out how to use with ease. They do however have a small catalog with a limited number of designs you can print out and use. With that in mind I have created a library of graphic images that are easy to use on the new Glowforge laser engraver/cutter. The designs vary from simple to complex but regardless of which one you chose the Glowforge will easily and quickly laser cut or engrave them with precision and speed. Use of these images are royalty free and you can use them however you chose. Simply scan into your printer the image from the book that you want to use, print it out and you're all set to go. One thing that I am fond of doing with these images is to print them to a clear sticky-backed paper and then simply pull away the design, adhere it to whatever material I've decided to use in the laser cutter/engraver and allow it to do what it is designed to do; engrave and cut beautiful designs with laser quality that you simply, until now, weren't able to do. Use the designs in this book and explore the wonderful world of laser cutting/engraving. If you're anything like me you'll spend hours exploring this new and exciting way to express yourself with this all new crafting, personal or even business related platform.

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