Does a cnc laser cut foam?


Perfect Foam Cutting Results From Your CNC Every Time

If you cut a lot of foam on your CNC or if you want to - this CNC tip will help you ensure that you get the best possible results.

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Painting for Performance

Painting for Performance

Taylor & Francis. 2016

Painting for Performance removes the mystery from painting and gives beginners the terms, tools, and techniques to approach their unpainted set with confidence. Covering the mechanics of paint and its many implementations in set design, this book provides simple and effective step-by-step instructions for painting a variety of surfaces to look great on stage.

Drawing from the Model

Drawing from the Model

John Wiley & Sons. 2019

Bridges traditional and contemporary methods of creating architectural design drawings and 3D models through digital tools and computational processes. Drawing from the Model: Fundamentals of Digital Drawing, 3D Modeling, and Visual Programming in Architectural Design presents architectural design students, educators, and professionals with a broad overview of traditional and contemporary architectural representation methods. The book offers insights into developments in computing in relation to architectural drawing and modeling, by addressing historical analog methods of architectural drawing based on descriptive geometry and projection, and transitioning to contemporary digital methods based on computational processes and emerging technologies. Drawing from the Model offers digital tools, techniques, and workflows for producing architectural design drawings (plans, sections, elevations, axonometrics, and perspectives), using contemporary 2D drawing and 3D modeling design software. Visual programming is introduced to address topics of parametric modeling, algorithmic design, computational simulations, physical computing, and robotics. The book focuses on digital design software used in higher education and industry, including Robert McNeel & Associates Rhinoceros® (Rhino 6 for Windows), Grasshopper®, Adobe Illustrator® CC, and Arduino, and features an appendix filled with 10 design drawing and 3D modeling exercises intended as educational and pedagogical examples for readers to practice and/or teach workflows that are addresses in the book. Bridges analog hand-drawing and digital design drawing techniques Provides comprehensive coverage of architectural representation, computing, computer-aided drafting, and 3D modeling tools, techniques, and workflows, for contemporary architectural design drawing aesthetics and graphics. Introduces topics of parametric modeling, algorithmic design, computational simulation, physical computing, and robotics through visual programming environments and processes. Features tutorial-based instruction using the latest versions of Rhinoceros® (Rhino 6 for Windows), Grasshopper®, Adobe Illustrator® CC, and Arduino.

Prefab Architecture

Prefab Architecture

John Wiley & Sons. 2010

"Prefab Architecture . . . is beyond theory, and beyond most of what we think we know about pods, containers, mods, and joints. This book is more than 'Prefabrication 101.' It is the Joy of Cooking writ large for the architecture and construction industries." —From the Foreword by James Timberlake, FAIA THE DEFINITIVE REFERENCE ON PREFAB ARCHITECTURE FOR ARCHITECTS AND CONSTRUCTION PROFESSIONALS Written for architects and related design and construction professionals, Prefab Architecture is a guide to off-site construction, presenting the opportunities and challenges associated with designing and building with components, panels, and modules. It presents the drawbacks of building in situ (on-site) and demonstrates why prefabrication is the smarter choice for better integration of products and processes, more efficient delivery, and realizing more value in project life cycles. In addition, Prefab Architecture provides: A selected history of prefabrication from the Industrial Revolution to current computer numerical control, and a theory of production from integrated processes to lean manufacturing Coverage on the tradeoffs of off-site fabrication including scope, schedule, and cost with the associated principles of labor, risk, and quality Up-to-date products featuring examples of prefabricated structure, enclosure, service, and nterior building systems Documentation on the constraints and execution of manufacturing, factory production, transportation, and assembly Dozens of recent examples of prefab projects by contemporary architects and fabricators including KieranTimberlake, SHoP Architects, Office dA, Michelle Kaufmann, and many others In Prefab Architecture, the fresh approaches toward creating buildings that accurately convey ature and expanded green building methodologies make this book an important voice for adopting change in a construction industry entrenched in traditions of the past.

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