1/8 glowforge wood


High Quality Baltic Birch Review For Your GlowForge Or Laser Engraving Business

Check out this super high quality Baltic Birch Plywood that I found. This is a review for the 1/8" but you can also get it in 1/4".

1/8" 11.5"x19" 3mm Baltic Birch Plywood | Glowforge Wood | 10 sheets

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1/8" 11.5"x19" 3mm Baltic Birch Plywood | Glowforge Wood | 10 sheets 10 pieces B/B are hand selected to ensure there are no patches on the front and back of the sheets for those looking for material that presents exceptionally well on both sides.B/BB will have one side free from patches and may have patches on the back of the sheets.BB/BB may have patches on the front and back of the sheets. Each sheet measures 11.5" x 19". Please note: Baltic/Russian birch has unique characteristics and color variations making no two pieces identical and each sheet has an actual thickness ranging from 2.8mm-3.2mm or .11"-.13". Baltic Birch is great for: Laser CuttingEngravingGeneral CraftingSign MakingScroll sawBand sawWood burningCNC CuttingPainting

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